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Come on in…

Septimus Press is housed in the aptly named The Old House, which is located in a beautiful village deep in the heart of Somerset. Inside The Old House, as well as Angie and Rhodri, you will find a sixteenth century wall painting of Henry VIII lurking in the sitting room. This is just how it is in Somerset.

The idea of starting the Press came about after Angie had finished writing the last of her internationally best-selling and beautifully written Septimus Heap series (you can find out all about them at www.septimusheap.com). Angie finds that bringing an intricate story together is both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure, as she “never knows exactly where the characters will take me”.

Joining Septimus and Jenna on their adventures led to some frazzled evenings where Angie found that drawing and colouring was the best way to unwind.  As the series drew to an end, she decided to share this relaxation and create the kind of images that she would like to colour herself.  

Angie trained as an illustrator and understands the need for high quality paper, good printing and a meticulous attention to detail in every image.  Rhodri worked in publishing for many years and knows just how to put all of these things together in a book.

And so Septimus Press was born to do exactly that.

Yet to come…

We have lots of ideas of what we’d like to do next, but one special thing we are planning is to publish a series of novellas for the Septimus Heap series’ many adult readers, where we will revisit the main characters and see what they are doing with their lives.

We’ve got some great colouring books and other exciting projects in the pipeline too...

Watch this space for our next book!

Angie and Rhodri Powell

Angie — also known as Angie Sage — is the author of the Septimus Heap series, TodHunter Moon series and the Araminta Spook books (Araminta Spookie in the USA). She is also a trained artist and has worked extensively as an illustrator. Working "with" Marcia on the first of the Colouring Book of Hours series has allowed her to return to her roots as an artist. It has been a joy!

Rhodri — also known as Mr. P — is the image wrangler, tech wizard and holder of the purse strings at Septimus Press. He also worked in the publishing industry for a number of years. As well as mastering the modern he is a skilled traditional craftsman and woodworker. In fact, I challenge any visitor to the Press to find a table in the building that was not made by his hand.